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Since the culmination of this web site, PhotoGrafiti can boast of a global viewing audience, the USA, from coast to coast and Alaska, Europe, Asia, Australia, Poland, Hungry, Italy, England, India, Peru, and yes, even the Russian Federation. Our delight and excitement is exhilarating and the chance to share our pride is extended to you.

PhotoGrafiti is located in Aptos California and now in its 8th year  has dazzled and thrilled the eye with unique and innovative photographs. You are invited to See How It Feels To Be Shot By A Canon.

2011 Brings PhotoGrafiti to an exciting new phase, we are now producing HD Videos! When we have more time we will update this page and give you more details, in the meanwhile you will find some of our new videos on the "New Photos" page...enjoy.

Photografiti would like to thank you for your support and loyality!

Welcome to PhotoGrafiti Canon Fire.

Welcome To PhotoGrafiti.Net - See How It Feels To Be Shot By A Canon

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