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Dusted Angel Christ Its Hot overture

The Flyng Eyes You Tube Video

Dusted Angel You Tube Video

Radio Moscow - Creepin You Tube Video

The Flying Eyes You Tube Video

Archer at the Catalyst Video

Not So Young Video

Chop Tops Video w/ Mario Valens

Chop Tops w/ Hot Rod Larsen Video

Chop Tops Video

Karen Phoenix - Severino's    Video


Britannia Arm 3 clip, very big Clip

Red Diamond Clip

JD and the Sliders Clip

Billy Martini Clip 

Cooper Street Clip

Cooper Street '07Clip


      -  Frankie Rod Clip

      -  Mike  Clip

      -  Mark Clip

Bomb Productions Clip

Karin Phoenix -Michael's Clip

Karin Phoenix -Michael's Clip2

Karin Phoenix -Michael's Clip3

Karin Phoenix, Kenny Kraft RIO Clip

Children of the Dammed Clip

Damage Inc.  Clip

Disturbed Clip

Monsters Are Not Myths Clip

Nothing Left Clip

The Addicts Clip

Beach Cowboys Clip  

Cabin Fever  Clip

Drifting Compass 6-07 Clip  

Hot For Teacher Clip

Isis & The Cold Truth Clip

Izzy Osbourne  Clip

Night Train 2006 Clip

Plain James Clip

Pocket Change Clip  

Sherry Austin Band   Clip

The Blues Benders Clip

The Juvenators Clip

The Koz  BIG Clip 

The Mark Harvey Band Clip

Ty Oliver  Clip

Vinny Johnson Clip

Who Too part 2 Clip

Will Roland   Clip   

Larry Hosford 


   Clip Windjammin'

   Clip JoJo Fox

   Clip Jeff Cruse

Jagermeister's Host

   Ears Clip  

   Nose Clip

   Eye Clip  


Interviews and Reviews



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Monterey 2008 Festival Reviews

By Patrice Halterman

        Bettye LaVette

        Blues Addiction   Emails

    By Nick Running 

         Bishop Mayfield

         Tenny Tucker

         Joe Bonammasa

    By LenCat

         Dani Paige Band

         Kate Russell


         The Next Blues Band


         James Cotton

     By PhotoGrafiti

         CJ Chenier

     By Vinny Johnson covering

          Roy Tyler and New Directions

          Dennis Murphy- Blues In The Schools

          Blind Boys Of Alabama   

          Homemade Jamz Blues Band   

          Charlie Musselwhite

          BB King