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Brianna's Baby Shower - Welcome Chloe !!

Mrs. Kramer's 80th

Coral's 85th Birthday

Jim Rosenberg's 50th   

Rosenberg's  27th Anniversary 

Rachel's 18th

Eirk Roztie birthday and shrimp

Mary T's Birthday clip

Brianna's 16th birthday part1

Brianna's 16th birthday part2

Lou's 40th Birthday clip


Ellis Wedding 

          Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 of 4

Local Clubs


The Aptos Club

More Aptos Club

The Windjammer

Windjammer Halloween

Windjammer Pirates and Pajamas

The Britannia Arms

 Guest Artists


International Artists


Maurizo Camino

Reha Bilir - afiap



Jos-L Art

James Sizemore


State Side


Brooke Hicks Photography

Chris Hunter    Tombstone Territory 



FIRE!!! Written Prose 



Craft Gallery Vs.The Windjammer 6/12/07 PART 1 of 3

Craft Gallery Vs.The Windjammer 6/12/07 PART 2 of 3

Craft Gallery Vs.The Windjammer 6/12/07 PART 3 of 3

Wells Fargo Vs. The Windjammer 5/23/07

The Blue Crew Vs The Windjammer 5/2/07 

Windjammer Vs. 21 Outs Til Beer 9-18-06

Windjammer Vs.The Capitola Mall 9-13-06

Windjammer Vs. 21 Outs Til Beer 8-22-06


Flyin By Cy Kyles In Aptos

Flyin By Cy Kyles  3-19-07


Aptos High School Home Coming Parade '07


USA Cheer Competition 2007  

         Aptos Varsity       Scotts Valley Middle

         Aptos Freshman     Abbott Middle

         Aptos Jv


         Pajaro Valley


Soquel High School Class of '07  part 1 0f 2

Soquel High School Class of '07  part 2 0f 2

Rachel's Graduation Party Cafe Rio

From The Family Camera

Aptos High School Homecoming Parade

Soquel High School Homecoming Parade


USA Spirit Cheerleaders Competition

        Freshman, Jr.High and JV Novice

        Freshman, Jr.High and JV Novice part2

        Varsity Cheer Novice

        Sunday's Jr's

        Random Shots


JV Jamboree at Aptos High School 

          Cheerleaders     Players 


Varsity Jamboree at Cabrillo College     

          Cheerleaders     Players 


Soquel High Girl's Soccer


3rd Annual Corvette Brickyard          

Race Fans    The Vettes


The Worlds' Shortest Parade 

July 4th Parade 2007  

          08:30 - 10:00  am   10:00 - 10:30 am   10:30 - 10:45 am

          10:45 - 11:00 am    11:00 - 11:20 am   Parade End 

          The Bands

July 4th Parade  Aptos 2006   

          Parts One , Two , Three

July 4th Parade  Aptos 2005  

Fireworks over Aptos

Halloween in Aptos,Ca

Halloween at the Clubs




Brianna's Graduation / Cabrillo

Brianna Grad Day /  Restorante Italiano

Brianna's Prom

Gazos Grill


Village Liquor's Customer Appreciation Day

          Early Day  Mid Day  late Day


Subaru's School Fund Raiser clip

Katrina Aid Festival, Gilroy Ca

LobsterFest 2004Santa Cruz 

LobsterFest 2005  the set up

Saturday day time

Saturday night


Lobster Clip

Friends of the Santa Cruz Parks

SC Symphony Auction Gallery 1

SC Symphony Auction Gallery 2

SC Symphony Auction Gallery 3

Horses at Henry Cowell Redwood State Park